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How to estimate whether this car dvd player fits for my car?

Some customers are confuse how to estimate whether this car dvd player fits for their car?

You may find some answers from the under instructions:


1. What is double din for head unit?

The most standard sizes for car audio head units and enclosures is ISO 7736:
--Single (180x50 mm) in Europe, South America and Australasia
--and Double (180x100 mm) in Japan, the UK and North America. Double DIN is also written as 2 DIN and double din.
ISO 10487 is the standard for connectors for the head unit to the car's electrical system.


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Double Din is a standard size for head unit- 180*100mm ( probably 7.09*4 inch).

We suggest you to measure the length and height of radio size befor you purchase, and compare your measure size with the installation size from our product listing's production information.

However, a remarkable fact that some radio panels are similar to double din size. Actually, they are not, they have a longer length or height than standard size. These special size will alway be designed in some car makes, such as Toyota, Dodge, etc. Please make sure don't confuse with double din size.

2. What can I do, if my car radio is not a double din size?

在此处添加文本段落。Some of car radio are not a standard double din, even not a rectangle(such like the under picture).So how can we do?

1. Find and purchase a car dvd player special designed for your car radio model.

The special designed car dvd player would be pre-install a dashboard similarity with your orginal radio panel. It's plug and play for your car.

Here is a dvd player model for Toyota higholander from above picture:

2. Purchase a dash kit from aftermarket, to modify the radio size into standard double din.

Find and purchase your car model's dash kit from Amazon or ebay. The size allows to install a double din dvd player, after install the dash kit for your car.

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