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How to pair OBD II with Corehan Android stereo?

Please note that our radio only support to pair with ELM327 OBD II interface. And this instruction is available for all the Android stereo sold by Corehan.

1. First and foremost, set the pin number of bluetooth setting same as the pincode of your OBD II.

For instance,

If the pairing pincode of your OBD II is 1234, then revise the preset 0000 pin number to 1234 from the bluetooth setting.

2. Plug the OBD interface into your vehicle OBD connector. And search the device from Bluetooth app on radio.

2. Pair the device (the second on right side), and paired the OBD interface successfully. And remember the device code.

3. Get into the app Torque, and click into the Setting (in the lower right corner ) menu.

4. Get into the selection "OBD2 Adaptor Settings"

5. Set the "Connection Type"

6. Return to the previous menu, and get into the selection "Choose Bluetooth Devices", and select the OBD according the device code.

7. Restart the Torque app, and connection accompliched.

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